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Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes

January 14, 2020

We’re talking carpets today and why you might consider/reconsider them for your home. This post is largely due to the fact that I’d forgotten what it was like to live with carpeted living areas until that is, we moved to our new home. What we’ve inherited may not entirely be to our taste or style, but its been a reminder of what it’s like to have carpet underfoot.

Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes

Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes | Bold yellow carpet compliments darker blue living room adding colour and brightness.
Bold carpet colour choices are on the increase and can add a refreshing touch to darker colour schemes. It’s also easy to pick accessories and create a harmonious scheme with accessories.
Firework Fizz Carpet
Lifestyle Floors

Like many others, it became quite a trend to strip out the carpet in favour of alternative flooring such as tiles or wood. The blame, you could say, lies at a certain Swedish brand that sparked off the look of clean Swedish living in the 1990s. Our previous home was no exception. All our main living areas were replaced with hardwood flooring and tiles. Of course, we put our choices back then down to practical reasons with a young family in tow. However, there really is something to be said about having carpet in your homes. We really didn’t know what we were missing until we moved. Although, I will say the carpet in the main bathroom will be going just as soon as we can replace it! There’s always the exception to the rule and carpeted bathrooms are just a big fat no!

Benefits of Carpeting Your Home

Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes |
House Beautiful Portobello Carpet In Riverside Stripe

It’s easy to forget how certain design elements can make an impact on the way that we live and use our homes. Flooring is one such consideration that is hugely important with lots to think about.

Flooring can be a costly too, so you might want to look at all your options before taking the plunge. If you thought that carpet wasn’t for you, you might want to think again. We’re certainly looking at carpet in a whole new light and have missed many of the positive attributes it has in the home.

Sound Absorbing

Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes
Firework Gleam Carpet
Lifestyle Floors

I don’t know about you, but if you’ve ever listened to someone speak on Instagram or a YouTube video, you may have noticed how everything sounds very echoey. It’s no surprise really as our homes are predominately filled with flat surfaces that bounce sound around rather than absorb it. Yes, there are rugs and soft furnishings to soften sound. BUT when you consider carpet fills the whole room rather than parts of it, you’ll have less of a sound box and more of a relaxed home environment.

Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes

Carpetright Admiral Wilton Carpet – Carpetright

Noise or lack of it was THE biggest difference we noticed when we moved into our new home. It is soooo much quieter and actually took me a while to work out why. Of course, it was predominately down to it being carpeted everywhere. Alright, a slight exaggeration on my part. Thankfully the kitchen and downstair loo, (which is literally down some steps), are the only carpet free zone. Oh and the garden room.

More to the point, it was a huge reminder at how great carpets are at absorbing sound in our homes. And if you read my post way back a few years ago, open-plan spaces are even worse for generating sound in your home. If you carpeted even a section of an open-plan space, you’d help prevent sound being bounced around and create a quieter environment.

Which Carpet Is Best At Absorbing Sound?

Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes | Modern classic living room with wool carpet adds warmth and comfort underfoot.
Wool carpet adds comfort and warmth underfoot. – Modern Classic Living room
Country Living Dakota Wool Carpet – Carpetright

Mother Nature is truly remarkable when it comes to our homes. Wool carpets and the addition of wool underlay will offer you the best solution when it comes to sound absorption. That’s because of the visco-elastic properties of wool. They literally assist in the conversion of sound energy to heat, therefore dispersing noise.

Carpets Can Help Create A Relaxed Environment

Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes | Modern living room using carpet to add colour and texture making a wonderful backdrop to layering rugs. Providing sound absorbing and insulating qualities to the home. Mustard Honey carpet from Carpetright

House Beautiful Shoreditch Carpet In Honey
You can still layer your flooring and add contrasting textures and colour to your carpet with rugs. In fact, carpet makes a wonderful colourful backdrop to add additional layers to. Allowing you to experiment more with colour and pattern as well as texture!

When you think about how we react to NOISE, carpet could be your saviour! Generally, the noisier our environment is, the more we increase the volume of our voices. Just think back to your clubbing days when you had to give your vocal chords a work out as well as your body just to be heard. Adding sound absorbing properties such as carpet to your home could help create a more relaxed environment.

Insulating Properties

Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes | white Eichholtz Herringbone carpet from Sweetpea & Willow

Another prominent factor to living with carpet is that your home will feel so much warmer. It’s no surprise as they’re great at insulating your home, keeping you warmer than alternative flooring treatments. The great thing is you’ll reduce those fuel bills in the process and help you save those pennies for other lovely things such as decorating.

Comfort Underfoot

Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes | Monochrome shabby chic dining room with floral carpet from Carpetright. Decorative carpet adds interest to a neutral room.
Adding decorative carpet to neutral decor will add interest and character to a room. Image – Carpetright

It goes without saying that walking on carpet is a more enjoyable experience than not. If you’re wanting the ultimate in softness and durability then opt for a wool and nylon mix.

Carpet & Children’s Rooms

Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes | Nursery Blue Stargazer carpet from Carpetright adds comfort and warmth as well as the decorative to a Childs room.
Nursery Collection Carpet In Blue Stargazer

If you have kids, then you may be thinking that carpet is impractical. It really isn’t as bad as you may think. Apart from creating some form of noise-cancelling magic, it will also help support their growing limbs by offering shock-absorbing qualities whilst they hurtle around the room at a speed of a Tasmanian devil. Carpet is also the perfect solution to those inevitable crashes and falls and may even save the odd toy from destruction as it hurtles to the floor.

Comfort & Warmth For Your Little Ones

Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes | Childs bedroom with carpet adds comfort for your child to play as well as sound absorbing qualities.
Image – Snurk Bedding Cuckooland

Also, think of the comfort and warmth factor carpet has to offer your little ones. Considering that the weather doesn’t always play ball and allow them to run off steam outside the chances are they will be spending a lot more time indoors than out! Carpet is the perfect solution to both comfort and warmth.

To keep their rooms looking their best, avoid carpets with loops to avoid snags and pulls that will ultimately happen when playing.

Opt for synthetic blends such as polypropylene which are more durable, stain-resistant and are a cheaper option for children’s rooms. Considering your kid’s room will get updated more than any other room in the house, you will not be wanting to invest in an expensive carpet.

Carpet Maintenance

Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes | carpet adds a splash of colour to neutral decor. It also adds visual warmth to a room.
House Beautiful Shoreditch Carpet In Honey

One of the biggest concerns you may have over carpeting is maintenance. ALL flooring gets dirty, but if you’re worried about spillages, most carpets are easy to clean just like any other flooring. Use the dab/blotting technique rather than a scrubbing motion and most spillages will go unnoticed. Vacuuming regularly also helps keep your carpet in tip top condition too.

Naturally Stain Resistant

Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes | Wool carpets are naturally stain resistant perfect for living rooms.
Hever Castle Saxony Carpet in Mint

Wool carpets are naturally stain-resistant due to their natural waxy coating fibres. Helping your carpet stay cleaner and generally hide dirt better than there counterparts. And if you’re worried about them becoming a dust trap, wool carpets pick up less dust due to their being naturally anti-static. This type of carpet is a great option for areas in your home that sees a lot of traffic.

Carpet & Allergies

Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes | Synthetic carpets are perfect if you suffer from allergies.

Flirtatious Romantic Carpet Lifestyle Floors

If you or your family suffer from allergies, then opting for a synthetic blend when it comes to carpeting maybe your best option. They’re more tightly woven and help repel allergens. Synthetic carpets are cheaper too so perfect if you’re on a budget. Whether you opt for a natural fibre carpet or synthetic, look for a shorter pile.

Sustainability Carpet With A Conscience!

Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes | Natural carpets such as coir, sisal, jute and wool are sustainable and biodegradable.

Eichholtz Soleste Carpet – Sweetpea & Willow

Natural carpets like coir, sisal, jute and wool are the perfect choice when it comes to sustainability and our environment. They’re not only incredibly durable, but they’re also naturally biodegradable too!

I love the way coir, sisal and jute add visual warmth to a room as well as complimenting highly decorated spaces.

Make An Impact With Carpet

Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes | Patterned carpets hide wear and tear and stains as well as adding interest and decorative element to a neutral decor. This Living room is bought alive by the monochrome geometric carpet.
Maison Chic Carel Carpet
Lifestyle Floors

Patterned carpets allow you to make a statement (albeit) a long term one in your homes. The benefits exceed just the visual delights as they are perfect for hiding wear and tear, stains etc., If you’re not convinced, think how many hotels use patterned carpet and how many people walk on it during its lifespan.

Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes | striped carpet adds visual interest, colour and warmth to a space. Perfect for high traffic areas.
House Beautiful Soho Stripe Carpet In Notting Hill

I personally love how patterned carpets allow you to experiment with colour and pattern. Creating visual energy whilst being practical at the same time.

Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes | Stair carpet prevents accidents from slips and falls. You can also have fun with pattern and colour.

Highgate Loop Carpet – Carpetright

If you’re not feeling brave enough to do a room in patterned carpet, you might want to consider your stairs for the footfall alone. Stripes are great at creating a visual pathway as your eye is drawn to the direction they flow.

Safety First!

There’s been a growing trend of stair carpets being removed to make way for more creative painted and wallpapered adorned staircases. I can understand why BUT when you consider safety in the home especially for the young and old alike, carpet is your preventive caring friend. Slips and falls are less likely to happen with carpet as they have more of a grip than a painted step or floor. Especially if anything has been spilt and has gone unnoticed.

And whilst we are on the subject of safety, did you know that wool carpets are naturally fire-resistant!

Underlay is Important

Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes | Hague Blue Country Living Burrnham Carpet Living room carpet with quality underlay helps alleviate furniture indentations from heavy furniture.
Underlay helps alleviate those furniture indentations so if you have heavy furniture consider your underlay carefully.

Country Living Burnham Carpet In Hague Blue – Carpetright

Generally, when we can’t see something, we don’t necessarily give as much thought as we should. Underlay is one of those hidden gems that can really make a difference to the carpet you choose.

Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes | carpet tiles in a living room allow you to create unique flooring
Image – Carpet Right

If you’ve taken the time and trouble to invest in carpeting your home, you’ll want to keep it looking at it’s best. Underlay ensures longevity by preventing the carpet pile from flattening over time.

Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes | Bedroom carpets add colour, sound absorption, warmth and comfort underfoot. They also allow you to play with colour and pattern.
Firework Gleam Carpet
Lifestyle Floors

Think of underlay as a shock absorber making it easier on your joints as well as making it comfortable to walk on. Worth considering if you have a long term medical condition that affects your joints such as arthitis or young children.

If you’re watching the pennies and want to help reduce those energy bills then think of underlay as your financial advisor. Underlay helps by trapping heat and insulating your homes more efficiently.

Carpet & Underlay = Teen Sound Barriers!

Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes | Bedroom carpets add colour, warmth and comfort underfoot.
Valentine Clyde Carpet
Lifestyle Floors

I’m adding this one in here because there will be some of you that have a Kevin or Perry sloping around the home. We’ve got one in the making! Carpet alone won’t cut the mustard when it comes to noise pollution from your teen who is set on gaming with his friends online. Yep, the dreaded noise-cancelling headphones ensure they lose all sense of volume control. And, if you don’t have a teen or an inbe-tweenie, and you just want a quieter calmer home, then choosing the right underlay to go with your carpet is essential. Underlay provides that additional layer to be able to absorb sound.

End Note…Why You Should Consider Carpet For Your Homes

On an end note, I hope you’ve found today’s post helpful. I know having written it that we will definitely be looking at replacing some of the carpeted areas of our thatched home with carpet that suits us as a family and our decor choices. There’s an incredible array of choices available and I can’t wait to start looking.

Until next time, thanks as always for stopping by!

Maria x

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