Childrens Bedrooms Lighting

Children’s Rooms – Lighting Tips & Ideas

January 26, 2018
Children's Rooms - Lighting Tips & Ideas

My Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom post went down a treat with a lot of you last week and it’s also brought in a few enquiries as to how to go about lighting up your little one’s bedrooms. Hence today’s post, where I’ve also included some lighting inspiration. You may even want to pinch a couple for your own spaces.


Children’s Rooms – Lighting Tips & Ideas

Children's Rooms - Lighting Tips & Ideas

Native Wallpaper by Ferm Living – Lullabuy

Obviously, a little more thought needs to be applied from a safety and practical viewpoint when it comes to choosing lighting for children’s bedrooms. They’re multifunctional spaces AND they’re learning the dos and don’t’s. Mainly the later, and my only advice is to be strong and you’ll get there eventually!



Natural light is essential to any space but it’s even more important with children’s bedrooms and playrooms. You’ll need to make sure their room receives as much natural light as possible so that they and YOU can move around safely, especially when they reach the Lego stage!


For grey days and evening play, ensure overhead ambient lighting, whether it is in the form of a pendant or spotlights, is sufficient to illuminate the room so they can go about their daily activities such as play and dressing.

TIP: If you install a dimmer switch or smart bulb with dimmable capabilities, you’ll be able to create some wind down time to their day.

If they’re fortunate enough to have a larger size room you could highlight their play areas with hanging pendants like the one above from Urban Cottage Industries, which will provide enough light for them to play safely.



Children's Rooms - Lighting Tips & Ideas

Image – Blindstogo

Choosing the right window treatments can help with the amount of light that enters the room. Whether you choose curtains or blinds, (or a combination thereof) ensure that they that don’t block natural light coming into their room.

TIP: Keep curtains well drawn back during the day to let as much natural light into the room as possible. Likewise, make sure curtains meet in the middle when closed. Badly fitted curtains and/or blinds prevent you from being able to control natural light levels entering the room which is essential for nap and bedtime. Children’s sleep can be easily disturbed by natural light. You’ll want them to sleep for as long as possible and not be up at the crack of dawn or not be able to go to sleep during lighter evenings.  If not for their own good, but for your sanity!



Children's Rooms - Lighting Tips & Ideas

Philips Disney Sleep Time Mickey Children’s Night Light and Wake up Light with Integrated LED with Mickey Mouse Children’s Ceiling Pendant Lightshade and E27 9 W LED Dimmable Light Bulb – Amazon

Creating the right ambience at night-time can be helpful with the winding down of the day. Choosing gentle lighting can help create a cosy atmosphere to their rooms. Dimmable bulbs help here, as does layering the lighting with wall or table lamps. If you’re into your technology and creating a smart home you can also choose LED smart bulbs that you can control and automate by wireless technology.

TIP: With very young children safety is key to the lighting that you choose.  Low Watt or LED bulbs are ideal for night lights and from a safety point of view are cooler to the touch and for your pocket, are energy-efficient.



Children's Rooms - Lighting Tips & Ideas

Dog Tandem Lampshade by FABFUNKY HOME DECOR – Notonthehighstreet

Lampshades offer a decorative feature to your little one’s rooms. If choosing one for the bedside opt for a wooden base to avoid breakages. They also help prevent glare from bare bulbs. The lighter the shade the more light shines through.

This artistic, but fun shade designed by Fab Funky Home decor is definitely one for the dog-loving child and I’ve met and know many who are. Who said art is just for the walls!



Children's Rooms - Lighting Tips & Ideas

Sleepy Moon Wall Light – Hartendief

What I love about children’s lighting design is that with a little bit of creativity you can really add some character and set your children’s imagination on fire.

If I could turn back time, I’d definitely have snapped up this beautiful sleepy moon wall light for my children. The endless capabilities of creating a wonderful scene around this friendly moon make my mind boggle. It’s available from Hartendief who are based in the Netherlands. They ship to the UK but you will need to add a UK wire after purchase. They also sell the wall light, bear and stars decal as a bundle.



Children's Rooms - Lighting Tips & Ideas


Use lighting to tie in colour schemes without being too stylised to help create a beautiful setting for your little ones. This wall cloud lamp diffuses a soft and warm light and is perfectly adapted to a child’s room. The cable automatically detaches from the lamp, in order to prevent the object from falling down which will give some parents peace of mind.


Children's Rooms - Lighting Tips & Ideas

Cable & Cotton LED fairy lights

Another way to highlight a space and create a cosy corner is with some LED Fairy Lights. These from Cable & Cotton are completely customisable so you can mix and match your colours to suit the decor. Perfect to gently light their den like above, or if you’re concerned about safety, hang them higher to decorate a dark corner or adorn a shelf or two.



Children's Rooms - Lighting Tips & Ideas

Mr Maria Miffy – Lullaby

I loved reading Miffy to my children when they were little and couldn’t resist this rather larger than life Mr Maria Miffy light. It has everything going for it and is completely child-friendly. Everyone loves a friendly face and Miffy is a household name in Holland where he was created. He is here, out of the children books, in the form of a cute lamp that showers a mildly white glow of light into the surroundings when switched on. It’s hard to get floor lamps that are kid-friendly, that won’t topple over. Which makes this extra-large replica of Miffy perfect for adding some lighting interest at floor level. It is stable on its wide base and completely safe for use. You can adjust it for the desired brightness and even use it as a night lamp too.  It never gets hot so children can cuddle and touch it freely.


Children's Rooms - Lighting Tips & Ideas

White Bunny Light – Ellajames

 This gorgeous white rabbit night-light is great for bedsides or perched on a shelf, or windowsill if space is tight. It’s handmade from durable child-safe moulded plastic and has a wonderful quizzical expression. Its head is moveable so he can listen to the bedtime story and provide companionship when it’s time for sleep.


Children's Rooms - Lighting Tips & Ideas

Moon Silhouette Battery Night Light – Lights4fun

If you’re worried about wires and little ones, then consider opting for battery operated lights. This Moon Silhouette Night Wall Light uses batteries that can provide up to 60 hours of continuous soft light. When you switch this light on it illuminate for 6 hours, before switching off and automatically switches back on at the same time the following day.



Children's Rooms - Lighting Tips & Ideas

Living Cactus Light by Ferm – TheModernNursery

Your child’s bedroom or playroom doesn’t have to be all plastic and shiny surfaces. If you’re looking to create a unique space that’s on trend there are some fabulous lighting choices available like this wooden Cactus lamp. Use it to create a reading nook or as a night-light or for them to cuddle up with their favourite teddy.  Perfect for quiet times and adding an indirect light source. The lamp will bring just the right amount of brightness into the kids’ rooms for some downtime.



Children's Rooms - Lighting Tips & Ideas

Memory Balloon Ceiling Light by JOHN MONCRIEFF – Notonthehighstreet

The Memory Balloon ceiling light will add an element of fun, colour and feature lighting to your child’s bedroom or playroom areas. Perfect for adding another lighting layer at ceiling height this time. It’ll provide interest and liven up their spaces.




Children's Rooms - Lighting Tips & Ideas

Osaka 1 Light ClipOn Spot – Darlighting

Children like to spread themselves out when their drawing and creating so give them more space by utilising clip-on lights. They’re’ brilliant for providing children with task lighting say on a shelf above a desk.


TIP: Smaller clip-on lights are also great if your child has a mid to high-rise bed where no bedside table is available. Go for one with LED bulb as they’re not only energy-efficient, they’re cool to touch and don’t emit heat.

Children's Rooms - Lighting Tips & Ideas

DESK LAMP, E.T – Nedgis

There are some innovative designs available too like this pen pot with a movable light source that you might even want to steal for your own desks.



Children's Rooms - Lighting Tips & Ideas

Neon Style Love Light by THE LITTLE HOUSE SHOP 

And finally, you just can’t beat a bit of Neon lighting or in this case a version thereof. It’s fun and offers a warm glow to ANY room let alone the kids! This LED-light is an energy-efficient and durable version of the popular neon light. It is made of plastic and can be used safely in kids rooms. The light operates with a built-in adaptor and an ON/OFF switch. Easy to hang on the wall or place on a shelf.

So which one are we going to pinch for ourselves?

On a final note, always choose lighting that is age appropriate and provides suitable functionality.


Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are and thanks for stopping by!

Maria xx


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