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Choosing The Perfect Sofa – Small Space Living

September 15, 2017
Choosing The Perfect Sofa - Small Space Living

When your local public loos get turned into, not just one, but two of the tiniest one bedroom properties, it kinda reinforces the fact that living spaces of the future are indeed getting smaller and smaller.


Former Public Toilets – West Ewell in Surrey You can read an article about it here

Making the most out of any space that we are fortunate enough to live in, no matter what its size, is important to our well-being. Afterall, our homes are where we seek sanctuary and unwind to be with our families and friends. So today I thought we’d take a look at the all important sofa and small space living.


Choosing The Perfect Sofa – Small Space Living

Considering the average person in the UK spends 51 hours and 44 minutes seated during a typical week; approx 18 years in a lifetime, (Solgar study) you might want to give some serious thought and consideration to the comfort, style and space in which you sit.


Choosing The Perfect Sofa - Small Space Living

A photo I took of the Mammoth Sofa – Norr11 – Clerkenwell Design Week- Available from Utilitydesign

It appears that designers have taken note of this ubiquitous space problem by the vast array of smaller sofa designs now available. To be fair, these new designs would look great in any size home, not just smaller spaces.


Helena Corner Sofa – Made

When redesigning a living room space, choosing the right sofa can be a costly affair and one that needs a lot of thought before purchasing it.  If chosen wisely it will provide comfort, functionality as well as good looks.

I’ve put together a few points you might want to consider….


Image – dwellingdecor

Whatever sofa you decide upon, ensure it fits in with the style of the room. You don’t want it to be the elephant in the room. In a smaller space, your sofa will be more noticeable so it’s important to get it right.


Low Ceilings

Choosing The Perfect Sofa - Small Space Living

Scott Large 2 Seater Sofa – Made

If your living space is small and you have low ceilings, opt for a lower backed sofa. It will help give the impression of height to the room.


High Ceilings

Choosing The Perfect Sofa - Small Space Living

Chesterfield 3 Seater Queen Anne High Back Wing Sofa – Designersofas4u

If you’re lucky to have the reverse and have high ceilings then opt for a higher backed sofa as this will stop the sofa from looking lost and ground it within the space.


Show Some Legs!!

Choosing The Perfect Sofa - Small Space Living

Freddie Sofa – Grahamandgreen

With smaller spaces, it’s advisable to opt for a sofa that shows a little bit of leg. This way the floor is visible and will help with the visual effect of more space.


Shape & Footprint

Choosing The Perfect Sofa - Small Space Living

Doodler Small 2 Seater Sofa by Loaf, Clever Velvet Bumblebee – John Lewis

Think about the style/shape of the sofa you like. A sofa with big squishy stuffed arms will take up more space than a more refined form and will still provide the same amount of seating but on a smaller footprint within the room.


Arms or No Arms

Choosing The Perfect Sofa - Small Space Living

Buri Sofa Bed Dessin Blue – Heal’s

Sofas with low arms or none at all help open up the space around it. Although, you might want to give some thought on how you’re going sit and use your sofa. I personally need those arms as I like to lie on the sofa by the evening as sitting is just too much effort. It’s all about personal choice when it comes to sofas.


Make Sure It Fits

It’s easy to fall in love with a sofa when you see it in a shop, but don’t be fooled into just thinking it’ll fit without measuring at home first. Shop floors can be deceiving as they tend to display furniture in large open plan spaces. Make sure the sofa of your dreams measures up by cutting out a template from brown paper or use a sheet as a guide on the floor to see how much space the sofa will take up. You might want to check out my post on How To Draw A Floor Plan Like A Pro here if you’re redesigning the whole space and want to play around with your chosen sofa and where to put it with your other pieces of furniture.

It’s also good to take into consideration other pieces of furniture, no matter how small, such as side tables to ensure you have room for them. You don’t want to just end up with a sofa and no room for anything else!


Good Bones

Choosing The Perfect Sofa - Small Space Living

Freddie Sofa – Grahamandgreen

A good sofa design that’s going to last all those hours of sitting needs good bones to go with those dashing looks. Check the quality of the frame by lifting one front leg off the floor. If both legs rise then the frame is good and solid and you’re onto a winner.


Make Those Corners Work

Choosing The Perfect Sofa - Small Space Living

Image – Foto.habitissimo

Make the most out of those corners with a corner sofa to create a cosy relaxed seating area. There are some fab smaller corner sofas out there to choose from.


Consider Colour

Choosing The Perfect Sofa - Small Space Living

Image – Rachel Whiting Houseandgarden

Consider choosing a similar colour sofa to that of your walls. This is particularly good for smaller spaces as it unifies the room making it look larger.


Ultimately, whatever sofa you decide for your spaces, go with what you LOVE. Afterall, with all that sitting, stretching and lying down, it’s got its work cut out!


Until next time, thanks for stopping by!

Maria x


If you’re interested in reading more about Small Space Living, you might want to check out my earlier post this year.  Small Space Living – #5 Steps to Create the Illusion of Space.

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