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AEG Mastery Oven – Review With AO

September 15, 2020

AD: I received an AEG Mastery single Oven for purposes of a review from AO to showcase the SenseCook and Pyrolytic Cleaning features.

This year has been without a doubt a crazy one and you’ll probably have found that you’ve spent more time in the kitchen cooking than ever before. I know I have. And, as someone who has always encouraged my children to learn the basics when it comes to cooking, our teenage son wanted to explore different cooking methods too.

AEG Mastery Oven Review with Appliances Online – The Oven that Tells You when Your Food is Cooked to Perfection

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online

If like us, you have an oven that hasn’t quite met your needs or is literally on its last legs, then the AEG Mastery Oven may just be what you’ve been looking for. It has some amazing technological advancements that will make oven cooking an enjoyable experience and encourage you to want to explore more when it comes to cooking for yourself/your family and/or friends. To be honest, I had never considered AEG before as a brand but having used their AEG Mastery oven for nearly two weeks, I’ve literally been blown away by the cooking experience it has had to offer so far. Cooking aside, it looks great and is such a multifaceted well-built design that you really can’t go wrong when using it. So much so, I’ll seriously be looking at other AEG products in the future.

Out With The Old In With The New! AEG Mastery Oven Review with AO

Having moved into our thatched cottage by the sea a year ago, we not only inherited a dated 80’s kitchen but an old Neff wall oven too. We’ve given the units a quick makeover until we can rip them out. To be honest, the oven was pretty much as antiquated as the units that housed it. I had serious problems navigating the oven temperature which either burnt things to a crisp or was undercooked! Oh, and did I mention it was horrendous to clean too!

As someone who loves to cook, I’ve always believed in encouraging my children to learn to cook too. Our teenage son is a keen cook but sadly our old oven failed miserably at providing either of us with the joy of cooking when it came to using it.

Technological Advantages – AEG Mastery Oven Review with AO

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online

The AEG Mastery oven appealed on so many levels and not only because of it’s good looks. I’m prone to looking to advanced technologies to assist my day to day especially when it comes to running a home and freeing up spare time. This is even more important especially now we live by the sea. There’s so much for us to explore and be more involved in our little village community. I personally love a gadget/ appliance or two, especially in the kitchen. And to be honest, I’ve not had much luck with ovens in the past so have mostly avoided oven cooking as a result. I hoped that this oven would rekindle my love of cooking when it came to using an oven.

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online

The AEG Mastery oven’s multifunctional preset cooking programmes and the potential ease of use with an intuitive dial and touch screen was appealing to my love of advanced technologies and how they may help around those busy times when all your best intentions get waylaid.

I was also hopeful that it would encourage our teenage son to want to experiment and cook more in the kitchen and, possibly the husband, who has a fear of cooking and getting things wrong in the process. Or that is what he has been telling me for the past 16 years!

Roast Beef Three Ways…

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online

As part of my review on the AEG Masterly Oven, I had to cook three dishes. This involved cooking rare, medium and well-done dishes. So I donned my apron and treated the family to three roast beef dinners in an attempt to see how well this oven faired.


AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online

Although my teenage son and husband aren’t overly keen on their beef being cooked rare, it’s a great option to have for those special pieces of organic beef that are best eaten rare to enjoy the tenderness and succulent taste of the meat.

To be honest, I’ve avoided cooking a joint of beef rare before. I’ve been scared that I would undercook it and make my family/guests ill. Using the SenseCook function not only provided me with peace of mind but also ensured the meat was cooked perfectly without having to constantly check on it.

SenseCook Feature- AEG Mastery Oven Review with AO

This was the first time I had ever used the SenseCook which uses a sensor probe. I have to say the process was a simple and fascinating one. Plugging in the sensor inside the designated top righthand side hole inside the oven, the display automatically shows the sensor has been activated.

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online - Sensecook feature

It was just then a case of turning the dial to highlight the menu setting and clicking to bring up the assisted cooking feature.

Assisted Cooking Feature

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online Assisted Cooking feature

Once you click on to the Assisted Cooking Feature you are taken through to the next menu, Way of Cooking category. I chose the Food Sensor but you do have the option of entering manually or by automatic weight. These are something I will definitely explore in the future as I am intrigued by how these will work.

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online - Food sensor feature

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online - SenseCook feature

Next step was to click onto the Meat and Fish category of the menu which then took me through to individual food types. I was actually surprised by how many options are available with this function. Again, I can’t wait to explore these in more detail when I get a chance.

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online SenseCook Feature

Clicking meat then took me to a more specific category of the range of meats you can cook with the food sensor. I chose beef which then provided me with different dishes that you may be looking to cook.

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online - Sensecook Feature

I really love the fact that the Assisted Cooking category has a wide range of foods that can be used with the sensor including the various types of meat. Including the fact that you can narrow down your preference to the cut of meat you are cooking as well as how you’d like your meat cooked. Once you’ve selected your chosen way of cooking your meat, you can then choose how you’d like it cooked. In this case Rare, Medium and Well Done.

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online - SenseCook Feature

There’s so much to explore with the Assisted Cooking feature and I can’t wait to try out fish category especially as we live by the sea where we can get fresh fish locally sourced. I’m also looking forward to some slow-cooked warming casseroles for cosy evening dinners now the weather is changing and autumn is nearing.

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online - Sensecook probe feature

Once you’ve completed the relevant Assisted Cooking programme of your choice, it’s just a case of putting the probe into the meat and closing the door and pressing start. The whole process of programming from start to finish takes less a minute.

Unlike conventional oven cooking, there’s no need to wait for the oven to heat up before putting your meat in either. The oven has a fast heat-up time as part of the programme and will beep to let you know it has reached temperature and starts to cook your roast to perfection. I have to say I was impressed with the whole process and took a little getting used to not going and checking the oven to make sure the beef joint was cooking ok.

Visual Guide To Cooking

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online - SenseCook Feature

What’s also great is you have a visual guide to the oven temperature as the meat is cooked. The red line increases along the marker as the oven cooks your meat to your set preference. With this visual cooking guide, you can gauge when to add additional foods such as potatoes and vegetables. For me personally, I would have liked to have seen an actual time rather than the red line increasing so I could gauge when the meat would be finished. That said, the beef cooked within the time frame of the packaging to the meat ie., a small beef joint packaging said between 30-40 minutes and the SenseCook programme using the sensor cooked it to perfection in 30 minutes. So if you’re not an experienced cook, you may want to make a note of timings/weight of your joint of meat.

Automatic Switch Off

Once your meat has been cooked to your preprogrammed requirements, the oven will automatically switch off. A great feature if you’re busy and stray away from the kitchen. With my old oven, if I missed the timer, it would continue to cook and I’d find food cremated. At least now, I’ll know this brilliant oven will turn itself off and the food will remain as it was intended.

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online - Sensor probe

You can then take out the Sensor probe (using oven gloves as it will be hot). Thankfully when it came to serving the meat, it was delicious even the hubs and teen who weren’t too sure about eating rare beef enjoyed the taste and said how tender it was. However, they both said they prefer their beef cooked more but this is just a personal preference.

Large Oven Capacity – AEG Mastery Oven Review with AO

Another great factor of this AEG Mastery oven is its huge capacity! I actually managed to use my old trays from my old kitchen that didn’t fit when we moved. This meant I could also get more food cooked than I did with our old Neff oven too! Great for larger family/friend gatherings.


AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online - SenseCook programme

My personal preference for beef is medium done. I was really chuffed to be able to set the oven using the presets as I did with the rare beef by simply changing it the setting to Medium. We even managed to have a midweek roast using this function which only took half an hour. Something I’ve never considered cooking before in our new home due to the hassle of our old oven.

Fast Heat Up Time – AEG Mastery Oven Review with AO

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online - SenseCook programme with probe

The other great feature of this AEG Master Oven is the incredibly fast heat up time which is activated as soon as you press start. It beeps to let you know the oven has reached the desired temperature and continues to cook your food to perfection. This was my personal favourite setting on the Assisted Cook function with the Sensor. The beef was cooked literally to perfection and melted in the mouth. It was so tender. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever achieved cooking roast beef medium before with any other oven in the 30 years I’ve been cooking

Well Done…

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online - roast cooked using SenseCook programme

Both the teen and my husband prefer their beef well done which in past experiences has led to the meat tasting rather dry and tough. To be honest it’s why I don’t like beef cooked this way. For me, it takes away the taste of the meat and can result in the beef being tough to chew. With this in mind, I was apprehensive how the beef would turn out. As I’d already cooked both rare and medium with great success, I wasn’t disappointed with AEG Mastery Oven when it came to actually cooking the beef well done.

I, or should I say this amazing oven, managed to produce a roast that was not only well done but also tasted, to my surprise, totally delicious. It was flavoursome and not at all dry. It went down a real treat and the leftover beef was devoured in sandwiches the next day

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online - Roast cooked using the SenseCook programme

Pyrolytic Cleaning – AEG Mastery Oven Review with AO

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online - Pyrolytic Cleaning programme

Having used our oven for nearly two weeks, a cleaning reminder popped up on the oven screen which was a nice surprise. I have to hold my hands up to being a messy cook something the hubs still finds slightly annoying even after all these years. I was excited to be able to show off the Pyrolytic cleaning function just to prevent the moaning that normally ensues by at least having a nice clean oven to show off after my cooking efforts.

To be honest with our old oven, I would just give the oven a quick wipe down and then at some point considered giving it a good clean with oven cleaning products which due to the chemicals, I always put off doing until I could build up the courage because of the smells and more importantly the time to go through all the cleaning process.

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online - Pyrolytic Cleaning programme

Intrigued by how the AEG Mastery oven’s Pyrolytic cleaning programme functioned, I clicked on yes which then took me through to a choice of Quick, Normal and Intense cleaning options. Because I’m the impatient sort who likes things done quickly, I opted for the Quick setting. The screen then reminded me to remove all accessories in the oven be- fore then telling me to close the door. Personally, I would have loved this setting even more, if it had included the shelves, but to be perfectly honest, washing them is no real hardship and now I know they need cleaning separately, I’ve made a mental note to ensure they get wiped and washed regularly.

Safety Lock During Pyrolytic Cleaning

The Quick programme is set at 59 minutes and I did wonder if it would actually clean the oven in this time. I liked that the door remained locked during and even after the programme had finished until the oven had cooled down. It’s a great safety feature; particularly if others in your household attempt to use the oven during or after the programme has finished as it will prevent unnecessary accidents. There’s also the visual guide on the oven’s menu screen to let you and others know whether it’s cleaning or cooling which again is a great feature of this fab oven.

Unlike during cooking programmes, when you don’t really hear the fan oven working, you will during the pyrolytic cleaning programme. This is probably due to the fact that the oven has to heat up to such an intense temperature (up to 500°C) to clean.

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online - Pyrolytic Cleaning programme

Considering, I chose the Quick option, I was shocked at how the oven came up so clean afterwards. Once the door lock was released, it was just a case of using a damp cloth to wipe away the ash (created from the intense heat). The whole oven, including the glass door was sparkling.

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online - Pyrolytic Cleaning programme

In the past, I’ve spent many an hour trying to scrub previously owned ovens and I have never achieved the same results. There’s always been some residue left whether its the glass door or the base of the oven. The AEG Mastery cleaned so well on this low setting, that I will probably take heed of the Oven Cleaning Reminder that appears on the oven’s clear menu rather than leave it too long and have to use a higher setting. Although, that will depend upon how busy our household is at the time. Like many other homes, we all have the best intentions but it may not always be convenient to run a quick clean. It’s good to know that you have the option to programme it to medium or high settings for cleaning. Particularly great if you’ve found time has run away with you and the oven ends up in a right old state.

Self Cleaning AEG Mastery Oven using pyrolytic technology

Not only do you have the choice of cleaning this oven without chemicals or the hassle of getting a specialist in, but you also have different options depending upon how much food debris has built up in your oven. I personally love that this AEG Mastery oven offers you a choice of cleaning settings. Great if you don’t get time to clean your oven as regularly as you’d like and so may have to leave it longer than you ordinarily would.

What I loved…AEG Mastery Oven Review with AO

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online

The AEG Mastery oven has literally become my new best friend in the kitchen. It’s like having a second pair of hands which, to be honest as someone who does 99.9% of the cooking is a relief! It’s not only taken the guesswork out of cooking a range of different foods, but it has also freed up valuable time to be able to get on with other tasks as a busy family household. No more unnecessary peaks at the oven to make sure the food isn’t being cremated means that I’ve peace of mind too! The AEG Mastery oven has definitely put the fun back into oven cooking since we’ve moved into our cottage.

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online - Apple crumble cooked

As much as I love advanced technology with gadgets/appliances in the kitchen, they can sometimes take time to get used to. And, in some instances, be so complex you eventually give up trying to work them out. The AEG Mastery Oven is so simple to operate that it’s had the opposite effect.

The intuitive touch screen/dial menu has taken the guesswork out of lots of different forms of oven cooking. It’s also encouraged me to explore more ways of oven cooking than I’ve ever done before. Of course, if you’re just looking for an all-round fan assisted oven that provides you with lots of conventional ways to cook then this oven has it all. without even trying out its technological advancements when it comes to assisting you with different methods of cooking

Reminder Function

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online - Roast dinner cooked using SenseCook programme

Some of the additional functions such as the Reminder function are absolutely brilliant. For someone like myself who easily gets distracted whilst cooking, this is a total lifesaver when it comes to cooking different types of food with different settings. I blame the hubs and teenage son by the way for my forgetfulness. They have a tendency to interrupt my train of thought whenever I’m busy. It’s easy for me to forget when to add additional food such as potatoes for roasting etc.

Using the Reminder function was a breeze. Just tap the bell symbol on the intuitive touch screen and set a time that you want to add in any additional food. Of course, it can also be used for other means of cooking or even just to remind you that you need to go and change into your glad rags if you’ve family/friends for dinner. Once set the oven beeps to let you know your time reminder is up!


The SenseCook feature was an absolute dream to use and will come in handy especially for family gatherings albeit restricted with lock down rules. Even if it’s just like us as a small family living together the kitchen and house can have it’s own crazy moments and time runs away with you. It definitely has taken away the guess work as well as peace of mind when it comes to dinner parties when it can get a bit fraught in the kitchen preparing and cooking food for guests.

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online - Slow cooked Madras curry using Special programme
Slow Cooked Beef Madras cooked with the AEG Mastery Oven

There’s so much more to explore with this amazing AEG Mastery Oven. I’ve cooked everything from sausages, curry’s and puddings to a quick cassoulet. Each time I have been impressed with not only the oven’s functionality but also how tasty the food has been. Meat has definitely been tender and juicy whereas before it would be very hit and miss. Even my family have noticed a huge difference. It’s made cooking in our kitchen an enjoyable one. So much so, I am actually look forward to the experience rather than the dread of how the food would taste or indeed cook in our old oven.

Assisted Cooking & Specials

AEG Mastery Oven - A Review with Appliances Online - Roast cooked using SenseCook

I’m totally smitten with the Assisted Cooking and Specials programmes too. Again, there’s so much to explore with this AEG Mastery Oven! From pizza (which again has different settings from Frozen to Chilled) to dough proofing. And if you like us decided to grow your own during lockdown, there’s even a programme to preserve your fruits etc. There’s literally a programme for every requirement when it comes to oven cooking as well as other features such as plate warming.

The timer has also been a godsend due to the fact that the oven switches off once your food has reached your inputted timespan to cook.

Lastly, I can’t rate the Pyrolytic Cleaning programme highly enough. No more chemicals and scrubbing or having to get specialists out. Even the husband has been blown away with this amazing oven. So much so, he’s planning to have a go at using it to cook us a family meal. Something he hasn’t done since we moved into our cottage a year ago. I’m also planning on adding an additional AEG Mastery oven to our kitchen when we get round to replacing the units.

You can discover this amazing AEG Mastery Oven over at AO here. Their expert delivery and installation team were brilliant and having used them in the past for appliances will continue to do so in the future.

Thanks for stopping by!

Maria x

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