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Black & White Bathrooms – The Ongoing Trend

February 8, 2019
Black & White Bathrooms - The Ongoing Trend

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a post on bathrooms and I also thought we’d take a break away from colour too. After all, there will be some of you that prefer a more streamlined utilitarian look to your bathroom spaces. Oh, and black is definitely a trend hitting everything from taps and a whole array of bathroom decor choices at the moment. It’s also hard not to ignore what’s new and what’s hot so I thought we’d investigate together.

Black & White Bathrooms – The Ongoing Trend

Black & White Bathrooms - The Ongoing Trend
Merlyn Black Slider with Side Panel with Black Sea l – Merlyn Showering

One of my first ever writings here on the blog was my Obsessing over Black post. And there’s no denying it’s been rising in popularity in the bathroom. Of course, black and white bathrooms have been around forever, well at least since the Victorian’s introduced them into their homes. Their ability to appear timeless and a safe bet when parting with your hard earnt cash is hard to ignore. Black and white bathrooms also have a calming effect on our wellbeing.

Timeless To A Degree…

That said even black and white bathrooms can date. Our monochrome shower room, which was designed in a rush over ten years ago is now in need of revamping even though we stuck with a monochrome colour palette. It’s more the choice of surfaces that we chose that has dated it looks so you might want to bear this in mind for yourself. Sometimes opting for the latest trends can mean that they will have a shelf life and need updating sooner rather than later.

Black & White Bathrooms - The Ongoing Trend
Our tired looking shower room is in need of updating.

Its mosaic borders do nothing but scream replace me and with a leak seeping from the floor (we think it’s coming from the loo), it’s definitely time to rip up those tiles. The question is do we stick to a monochromatic scheme and embrace some of the new black bathroom/shower trend accessories? Or do we opt for pattern and colour? I have a good idea of what I’d like to go for. The Hubs will no doubt want to play it safe.

Part of my writing this post is really about exploring all our options. Since I redesigned our bedroom, I’m now erring with going with what will bring me us joy rather than compromising on what we think we should in terms of resale etc. Anyhow, it’s always a good idea to at least investigate all avenues, especially with bathroom/shower rooms as they’re not exactly cheap spaces to update.

All The Rage – Black Taps/Hardware

Black & White Bathrooms - The Ongoing Trend | On trend black showers and accessories are all the rage for bathroom spaces.
Nero Shower – Frontline Bathrooms

If there’s one trend for black in our bathroom (and kitchen spaces come to think of it) it’s got to be taps, shower heads and shower accessories. I’ve got to be honest here, I’m actually divided between loving their aesthetic (especially matte black) to not being able to rid myself of my practical head. We live in a hard water area and all I can think about is limescale and black. Yes, I guess it boils down to time and cleaning and maybe I just need to hire a cleaner? I’m still not sure.

Black & White Bathrooms - The Ongoing Trend | Black showers, taps and accessories in matte black are right on trend for 2019 for your bathroom spaces. This one is from Dowsing Reynolds latest range.
Dowsing & Reynolds have just introduced a new range of bathroom hardware.
HANNOKI Shower -in Black also available in soft gold – Dowsing and Reynolds 

I also wonder how these black taps will cope when it comes to cleaning over a period of time… Let’s face it taps take a lot of daily abuse and will the kids be mindful of watermarks left from dripping hands? You can tell I’ve been giving them lots of consideration. I guess, I just need proof or someone to convince me that black taps aren’t just cool to look at but are easy to maintain too. Any offers?

Black & White Bathrooms - The Ongoing Trend | The latest matte black taps for bathrooms are on trend this year.

Vibe Wall Mounted Basin Mono – Frontline Bathrooms

Explore With Wallpaper

Black & White Bathrooms - The Ongoing Trend | Introduce wallpaper to add interest and detail to your bathroom spaces. This is Scratch wallpaper from Lime Lace
Scratch Wallpaper by Wonderbold – K
Lime Lace

There’s something about black and white combination that we never seem to tire of especially when it comes to bathroom spaces. Simplistic but also striking, pairing black with white allows you to experiment with your bathroom spaces. utilitarian includes wallpaper which is proving to be a popular choice to add some detail and interest. This wallpaper from Lime Lace plays with both.

Grout Lines

Black & White Bathrooms - The Ongoing Trend
Image – Vogue 4 Tap Hole Bath Shower Mixer – Frontline Bathrooms

Adding black detail with grout lines is perhaps a cheaper alternative to updating those white tiles you may already have. Just be mindful if your bathroom or shower room is on the smaller side as well as the size of your tiles. The more grout lines you see the busier it will look and make the space feel on the smaller side.

TILE TIP: Choosing larger floor tiles can create a feeling of space even in smaller rooms. This is because you see fewer grout lines that break the flooring up. Thereby more floor is seen. However, don’t go too big a tile as you’ll end up with a lot of waste with cuts!

22 Ways To Tile Your Home – The Interior Editor

Radiator Love

Black & White Bathrooms - The Ongoing Trend | Black statement radiators are on trend this year for our bathroom spaces. This one is from Frontline Bathrooms
Swale Metallic Black Designer Heated Towel Rail – Frontline Bathrooms

Having written about radiators last year, it’s great to see that black statement radiators are becoming more readily available. They really make an impact on surface areas that are predominately white.

Black & White Bathrooms - The Ongoing Trend | Black statement radiators in all styles are hitting our bathroom spaces. One of this years trends.
Wentworth Radiator – Frontline Bathrooms

Tip: If buying a new radiator is out of the question, consider painting it the same colour as your wall colour so that it blends in with your decor choices.

Pattern Play

Black & White Bathrooms - The Ongoing Trend
Black on Dover White Tiles – Original Style

Without colour to err our judgement, it’s easier to play around with pattern. We somehow feel more at ease when using pattern with a monochrome design scheme. Seize the opportunity to look at all the possibilities with flooring and walls.

Black & White Bathrooms - The Ongoing Trend
Etros Shower Column – Frontline Bathrooms

Take a look at the vast array of tiles available and the endless possibilities when it comes to adding interest and detail.

You could take the pattern up from the floor and introduce around the sink or shower cubicle. You don’t have to stop at the floor.

Crittall Showers

Black & White Bathrooms - The Ongoing Trend

Aquaglass Velar+ 8mm Black Crittall Walk-In Front Panel with Towel Rail – Frontline Bathrooms

Now whilst I’m not sure of black taps, I am completely won over with the strong clean lines of Crittall type Shower screens. Maybe it’s because they’re easier to clean than the hardworking tap? These shower screens are hot on the bathroom trend front and growing in popularity as we speak.

Aquaglass Velar 8mm Black Crittall Corner Entry Enclosure – Frontline Bathrooms

They’re perfect for introducing an industrial vibe to a bathroom space too.

Lighting Details

Black & White Bathrooms - The Ongoing Trend

Contemporary Bathroom Wall Light – Fritz Fryer

You don’t have to go over the top with black in the bathroom. Keep it predominately white and introducing smaller black touches such as lighting to help define the space.

Black & White Bathrooms - The Ongoing Trend
Hampton Wall Light – Original BTC

Sometimes it’s the smallest of details that can bring that magical touch and black does this really well.

Statement Baths

Black & White Bathrooms - The Ongoing Trend
Graphite Stone Bath- Frontline Bathrooms

There’s also the bath to consider like this Graphite Stone tub above which also works well with those black taps. It’s a hard combination to resist don’t you think?

Black & White Bathrooms - The Ongoing Trend

Suits A Range of Styles & Tastes

Black & White Bathrooms - The Ongoing Trend
AlteaCollection – Astro Lighting

No matter what your style or decor taste monochrome bathrooms work with you. From sleek minimalistic design schemes like the one above, to traditional Victorian and industrial styles. Black and white bathrooms aren’t dictacted to when it comes to style choices. Allowing you the freedom to choose what suits you, your budget and your home.

Add Some Warmth

Black & White Bathrooms - The Ongoing Trend
Structure Drawer Vanity Unit with Solid Surface Basin – Oak – Frontline Bathrooms

Black and white bathrooms don’t have to be cold looking either. Apply some warmth with wood or bare brick textures if you prefer a less clinical look. They”re perfect for breaking up this colour scheme and introducing visual interest to these colourless spaces.

Black & White Bathrooms - The Ongoing Trend
Swan neck Bathroom Wall light
Fritz Fryer


Black & White Bathrooms - The Ongoing Trend
Industrial Medium Hexagon Storage Shelf – Sue Ryder

And then there are the styling/storage opportunities to consider. This hexagon wall shelf would look rather fabulous and you’ll be helping the Sue Ryder Charity to raise much-needed funding. And at under a tenner, you really can’t go wrong whilst adding those industrial vibes to your bathroom spaces.

So are we all for the black and white bathroom or do we prefer a bit of colour? I’m off to put together a scheme for our shower room so watch this space.

Have a beautiful weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Maria xx

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  • Reply Mary Middleton | hello peagreen February 11, 2019 at 9:38 am

    This might surprise you given my love of colour but I really like monohrome bathrooms! My guest bathroom is B&W and its a serious contender for my bathroom rennovation. Some lovely items you’ve picked out here Maria.

  • Reply Niki Jones March 19, 2019 at 2:01 pm

    Thanks, Maria to tell the ongoing trend. Monochrome remains always in fashion whether it is for interiors or for apparels. The black and white bathrooms with black stripes towel matches to perfection.

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