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12 Reasons To Love The Ongoing Geometric Trend

September 14, 2018
12 Reasons To Love The Ongoing Geometric Trend

There’s something rather wonderful about introducing geometric pattern to our homes with its interlocking tessellating shapes. A sense of harmony and rhythm is achieved whilst being visually stimulating. And like the floral trend, geometric patterns have never really gone out of fashion.

From the Greeks to the Moroccan’s geometric patterns have been used in interiors and architecture for centuries. And whilst pattern can evoke images of highly colourful displays for the bold and the dramatic, it doesn’t necessarily have to be.


12 Reasons To Love The Ongoing Geometric Trend

12 Reasons To Love The Ongoing Geometric Trend

Ariadne Wallpaper by Karlie Klum Lime Lace

Adding interest through defined repeating shapes can be soothing and reassuring to the eye as they create a sense of order. Although that said less is definitely more applying geometric pattern to your homes.

Overall this form of expression through choice of pattern and colour should be used sparingly so as to not overstimulate the senses. Here are my 12 Reasons To Love The Ongoing Geometric Trend that you might like to consider when using geometric pattern in your homes including more subtle colour choices as well as texture and scale.


1. Focus!

12 Reasons To Love The Ongoing Geometric Trend

Chartreuse Yellow Velvet Throw – Lifestyle Image The French Bedroom Co

If you managed to get through Tuesday’s post on How To Choose The Perfect Bed, you’ll know that the bed is the star of the room.

Use geometric patterns to accentuate the focal point to a room whether it be the bedroom or living room your eye will instantly be drawn to it especially if you dare to combine it with colour like above.


12 Reasons To Love The Ongoing Geometric Trend

Niki Jones Velvet Linen Oyster Throw Rume

Even subtle coloured geometric pattern can help create focus. It really is down to personal preference as to how dramatic a look you create.

Consider using geometric patterned rugs in adding some accessories such as cushions throws and even art. The aim is to draw the eye to the various layered elements that form the central focus of a room.



2. Neutral decor

12 Reasons To Love The Ongoing Geometric Trend

Cult Living Heather Dining Chair, Velvet Upholstered, Blossom Pink, Black Legs Cult Furniture

Whilst there are those that embrace colour in their lives there are plenty of others that prefer a more neutral palette. The problem is that neutral colour schemes NEED contrasting textures and visual interest to stop them from looking boring and uninteresting.

Subtle geometric patterns are a great way to introduce visual interest without being overbearing.

Accessories and rugs are great for this but there are some rather fab furniture pieces coming through that stand out that little bit more allowing you to add focus to areas other than your floors and sofas.


12 Reasons To Love The Ongoing Geometric Trend

Engblad & Co – Front Wallpaper Tilted Weave 4052 Cloudberry Living

Or why not consider wallpaper? There are some fantastic geometric designs available even if you prefer a less colourful approach and want to keep it neutral.


3. Oversize

12 Reasons To Love The Ongoing Geometric Trend

Apollo Hexagonal Tiles with products from Soak Tile Mountain

Make sure the size of the pattern you choose is in relation to the room. Large repeating patterns, especially on walls, can make a room appear smaller than it is. Use large-scale patterns on large expanses of wall to appreciate their impact. Smaller repeating patterns are best for smaller walls like the bathroom area below. The great thing is they still add impact in a big way.


12 Reasons To Love The Ongoing Geometric Trend

3D Offset Hexagon In Light Grey The Baked Tile Company


4. Decorative Balance

12 Reasons To Love The Ongoing Geometric Trend

Ledbury Marine Blue Pattern Tiles Walls and Floors Ltd

Balance more decorative repeating patterns with more subdued patterns to create a balanced look. It’ll prevent them from overpowering a room.

The above hallway is a superb example of how decorative repeating patterned floor tiles are allowed to steal the show whilst the blue metro tiles balance out the elements used. I also love how using contrasting tones and textures make this hallway sing.


5. The Monochrome Experiment

12 Reasons To Love The Ongoing Geometric Trend

Texxtile Tiles Walls and Floors Ltd

Sticking to a monochrome colour scheme will allow you to experiment with geometric patterns and will create a cohesive look and feel.


6. It’s All In The Detail

12 Reasons To Love The Ongoing Geometric Trend

Luxury Solid Brass Gold Hexagonal Centre Door Knob Pushka Home Smaller cupboard knobs are available

Switching up your hardware on cupboards and doors, (especially with the latest trends of black kitchens) is a brilliant way to incorporate subtle geometric pattern. Add in a metallic element and you’ll be adding interest and reflective qualities that darker inspired interiors need in order to lift them visually.

7. Art Deco Inspired

12 Reasons To Love The Ongoing Geometric Trend

Art Deco Blue Placemats – Audenza

There’s no doubting that the Art Deco era utilised colour, pattern and style in a huge way which we still embrace today. These fab placemats from Audenza are perfect for adding a bit of glam and elegance to your dining experience of this era in a more discreet way.


8. Mixing It Up

12 Reasons To Love The Ongoing Geometric Trend

Seriously considering this lush cactus green velvet for our living room – Deva Cactus Green Velvet Cushion Cover Vênoor Living

Consider mixing up geometric patterns through the use of accessories such as cushions. I love these ones above from Vênoor Living and again the use of colour allows you to keep a uniformed look whilst playing with pattern.


9. Let There Be Light

12 Reasons To Love The Ongoing Geometric Trend

Assam Cage Pendant Light Dowsing and Reynolds

You can’t beat decorative lighting to add interest to a room and this one from Dowsing and Reynolds oozes sophistication with it’s black geometric lines and that shimmering gold bulb holder!

If you want an eye-catching light that captures a room’s attention then a geometric pendant’s form is a great choice.


10. Feature Furniture

12 Reasons To Love The Ongoing Geometric Trend

Velvet fabric, available in a selection of colours. Can be upholstered in customers own fabric, subject to suitability. Alveare Tub Chair Brass – blush pink – MY Furniture

Statement chairs are definitely trending within the interiors world so why not opt for one that incorporates geometry so it never goes out of fashion. This rather glamourous design above is inspired by American mid-century furnishings with its laser-cut hexagonal detailing that adds visual interest.

11. Floor Drama

12 Reasons To Love The Ongoing Geometric Trend

Carpetright Balterio Xpressions Laminate In Blocks, Villa Geometric Rug In Multi Carpetright

Rugs are a great way to break up large expanses of flooring and provide a wonderful contrast to wooden flooring whether it be herringbone or simple floorboards.

Multicoloured rugs like this one from Carpetright allow you to introduce and play with colour within your homes.


12 Reasons To Love The Ongoing Geometric Trend

NEW Blush Deco Rug Cox & Cox

Overall whatever your choice of rug patterned or not choose colours that fit in with your decor choices and don’t forget the all-important scale of not only the pattern but the rug itself!

You can read more about The Importance of Rugs in our homes here.


12. Accessories

12 Reasons To Love The Ongoing Geometric Trend

Monochrome Utensil Pot – Audenza

If your wary of larger pieces of geometric pattern even the smallest accessories can make an impact to your spaces. I’m particularly loving these monochrome utensil pots from Audenza that would jazz up any kitchen or why not the dressing table?


12 Reasons To Love The Ongoing Geometric Trend

Hexagonal mirrored wall tiles MY Furniture

And lastly why not consider reflective surfaces such as these mirrored tiles to add a subtle geometric touch to your homes.


Ultimately, geometric patterns role in our homes is more an accent one that shouldn’t be over done. Less is definitely more and you certainly get your money’s worth however you decide to play with it. Providing interest and vitality to a room with minimum effort. What’s not to love!

So what do we think? Are you a lover of all things geometric or have I enticed you to experiment with pattern and colour? It’d be great to hear from you.


Until next time, thanks for stopping by!

Maria xx

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  • Reply Fiona Mostyn September 25, 2018 at 2:23 pm

    Amazing how many areas of the home that you can use geometric patterns in. Flooring is a great option. The pink rug and the patterned tiles are my favourites.

    • Reply Maria September 27, 2018 at 9:08 am

      Absolutely Fiona! Love cox an coxs new geometric rug too! 👌🏻✨

  • Reply Stacey Sheppard September 27, 2018 at 12:36 pm

    I am a huge fan of geometrics and they are my go to choice. Some really great ways to use them here Maria, great post!

  • Reply Marlene September 27, 2018 at 2:31 pm

    I like a few geometric touches in the home, but never know where to start so this article is great to provide some ideas!! Also loved the blue floor and entrance walls tiled so I saved that one on Pinterest!

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