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InSinkErator Food Waste Disposal – Practical Kitchen Solutions

April 17, 2020

No pretty images today but more about a practical solution that you might not have considered for your kitchens. We’re talking about Food Waste Disposal systems, which if we hadn’t have actually inherited one with our ’70/80’s kitchen, we might never have given a second thought to upgrading to a modern version. Of course, this is all about planning whilst in lockdown, which not only helps pass the time but gives us something to look forward to on the other side.

InSinkErator Food Waste Disposal – Practical Kitchen Solutions

InSinkErator Food Waste Disposal - Practical Kitchen Solutions - environmentally friendly way to dispose of kitchen food waste

I have to say that the previous owners of our thatched cottage were definitely ahead of their time. Our kitchen may be dated, but it has some interesting appliances such as a built-in deep fat fryer, filtered water tap and a Tweeny Deluxe Food Waste Disposal unit. Sadly, they appeared to have stopped updating after the ’80s. Having a food waste disposal unit, albeit an antiquated one, has been nothing much of a revelation to us. It’s also something the Americans seem to be ahead of us in terms of kitchen design.

Our dated ’80’s kitchen – Moving In Day – So many plans for this kitchen!

Food Waste Disposal Benefits We have Discovered

Our antiquated Tweeny Food Waste Disposal Unit

What we discovered even with an antiquated 70’/80’s food waste disposal system is how

  • No nasty exterior food waste bin to contend with – which we struggled with foxes emptying and defecating constantly near and around our bins at our old house.
  • With warmer weather on its way, we aren’t going to be contending with pesky fruit flies and the like. Which, in turn, will make food prep a lot more hygienic in our kitchen.
  • Food waste especially when prepping, is INSTANTLY banished as you can dispose of it as you go. Considering I’m a messy cook, the Hubs is delighted with my newfound ability to keep the sides clear at least from food debris if nothing else!
  • No festering food waste or smells that go with it. This also includes any discussions as to who is going to empty said food waste too. Although, I’ve always firmly believed its always been a Blue job! Yes, we have pink, blue and purple considered activities in the I.E. household.
  • After doing a bit of initial research before we used our disposal unit, we found that by using the food disposal unit we are helping the environment too! When food waste is sent to our landfill sites, it decomposes anaerobically to produce harmful greenhouse gases such as methane. Definitely not good for our ozone layer.

Are Food Waste Dispsoals Safe To Use…

One of the things we hadn’t realised is how safe food waste disposal units are. Contrary to belief, they don’t use blades or knives but use a grinding system to break down food waste. Obviously, caution and common sense should be used if you have young children.

Our Environment & Global Food Waste Problem

It’s actually shocking when you look at the numbers when it comes to how much food we waste globally! And when you think that the majority of it ends up in our landfill sites and the damage it causes to our environment, it has definitely reinforced our wish to replace our existing disposal system.

InSinkErator Food Waste Disposal - Practical Kitchen Solutions - environmentally friendly way to dispose of kitchen food waste

According to WRAP seven million tonnes of food and drink are wasted every year in the UK1, amounting to approximately 20 per cent of all household waste, resulting in a huge strain on landfill sites.


InSinkErator Food Waste Disposal Systems

InSinkErator Food Waste Disposal - Practical Kitchen Solutions - environmentally friendly way to dispose of kitchen food waste

Having researched food waste disposal systems, I came across InSinkErator. They’re the global leader, inventor and manufacturer of food waste disposal systems as well as a major player of the steaming hot water tap market. Something else we are looking at installing once we get around to bringing our kitchen into the 21st century.

With 80 years of leading the waste disposal market, it’s safe to say that InSinkErator are definitely one to consider.

How Does A Food Waste Disposal Unit Work…

Contrary to what you might think, a food waste disposal unit works by chewing up food scraps through a grinding chamber and not blades/knives. The shredding blades break down the food scraps into a liquid which then empty down the drain. You do need to run the cold tap whilst it is in action. Which even with our old disposal unit, is pretty quick.

Food Waste Disposal & The Composter

Together with our antiquated food waste disposer, we also inherited a small outdoors composter. They make for the perfect partnership when reducing waste to our local landfill site. Composters are great if you have the outdoor space but you are limited to certain foods that you can put in them. Dairy, meat, tomatoes are just a few that you should avoid.

Great For Open Plan Living Spaces

InSinkErator Food Waste Disposal - Practical Kitchen Solutions - environmentally friendly way to dispose of kitchen food waste

You might just be kicking yourself having knocked down all those walls to create an open plan living space that includes the kitchen now that we are in lockdown. However, one positive with InSinkErator’s food waste disposal systems is the level of noise that they emit which is considerably lower than our antiquated Tweeny. Ours makes a huge racket when it’s in action so a quieter up to date disposal unit would definitely be easier on the hearing. Although to be fair, it does come in handy when you want to avoid listening to the constant huffing and puffing of an in-between teenager!

“These are superb results and especially poignant with open-plan living on the rise. The noise level of kitchen appliances is becoming more important to homeowners, and these independent results confirm our models of food waste disposers are the perfect option to dispose of food waste hygienically, quietly and sustainably.”

Kevin Carr, UK Sales Manager, InSinkErator®

Ideal For Smaller Kitchen

InSinkErator Food Waste Disposal - Practical Kitchen Solutions - environmentally friendly way to dispose of kitchen food waste

InSinkErator also offers a compact solution for smaller kitchens. Its space-saving design frees up space and allows you to ditch the food waste bin. Perfect if you live in an apartment/flat as it saves you time and energy going to and from outside bins.

Key features and benefits of the InSinkErator food waste disposer

InSinkErator Food Waste Disposal - Practical Kitchen Solutions - environmentally friendly way to dispose of kitchen food waste

What you can expect from an InSinkErator food waste disposer…

  • Disposes of food waste practically and hygienically
  • Offers high performance and continuous feed operation with a one-stage grind technology
  • No blades – uses superior stainless steel grinding elements and grind chamber
  • Capable of handling a reasonable amount of food waste with added overload protection for trouble free operation and an extended lifecycle
  • Space-saving designs – ideal for individuals and compact kitchen spaces
  • Choice of wall switch operation or built-in air switch operation, for added convenience – Our antiquated Tweeny has a switch inside the cupboard so it’s good to know that we could have a switch elsewhere.
  • Quick Lock® mounting assembly for faster, easier installation into new or existing kitchens
  • Six year parts and labour guarantee for peace of mind

InSinkErator Food Waste Disposal – Practical Kitchen Solutions

Affordability & A Range of Models!

I was surprised to find when researching, that waste disposal units are a relatively affordable piece of kit for your kitchen. InSinkErator prices range from as little as £199 to just under £400 dependent upon the model that you choose. You can check out all their models here as well as finding suppliers.

You find more information on InSinkErator® food waste disposers by visiting their website here.

So what do we think? Would/are you considering investing in a food waste disposal system? It’d be great to hear from you…

Until next time, stay well, stay safe!

Maria xx

All images (apart from my own) from InSinkErator Food Waste Disposal Systems

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